A real gentleman

It was with great sorrow that I read of the death of Eric Dixon in last week’s Spenborough Guardian.

He was a wonderful man who helped a great deal when Windy Bank estate set up its first tenants and residents’ association. This would be in the late Seventies/early Eighties.

Eric was then the chief executive of Kirklees but he was never too busy to give our committee help and advice. He would often attend our meetings and he would take time out to “walk the estate” and try to help iron out our problems.

When other officers in Kirklees felt they were too busy or important to help, Eric always found time and proved to be tireless and invaluable.

That first committee has all moved on to other things and I like to think that Eric helped give us the confidence to explore what we were capable of.

A lovely man, there are too few like him.

Bless you Eric.


Churchill Avenue


(formerly Lincs Wold, Hightown)