A waste of money

With the snail’s-pace roadworks on High Street gradually crawling towards Batley Road, I can commiserate with David Dyson who is still awaiting action for a crossing on Norristhorpe Lane.

My commiserations are because we too are still waiting for action on the Cawley Lane junction with High Street and the regular daily snarl-ups due to hazards with parked vehicles.

I think Norristhorpe’s problem is maybe due to traffic dodging, or straddling, the numerous speed humps. A crossing would only make its own small area a little safer, but having said that, Norristhorpe Lane has two glaring examples of money wasted on useless road management hardware.

One is the placement of speed-humps only 15-20ft from the right-angled bend at the United Reformed Church – the bend in itself is quite an effective speed limiter.

The other one is the pointless mini-roundabout at Millstone Rise where I have still yet to witness any vehicle coming out from, or entering Millstone (and I use it regularly).

Those two “white elephants” could have paid for a crossing for Mr Dyson but if there is a queue for road improvements, then Cawley must be near the front by now. I agree with him about councillors “hearing” but not seeming to listen.


Churchill Grove,