Abandoned by hospital trust?

I READ the letter by Stephen Eames, of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, with a mixture of concern and amusement.

He gave the reader quite a lot of figures – I am not sure about the facts. It tells the readers about options one and two (again). It also contained a few platitudes about decisions having not been made – I think they probably have and this is just a smokescreen.

He also implied that the older generation were mainly to blame for the deficit. There are many conditions like drug and alcohol abuse, obesity etc, mainly conditions of the young. Has the board worked out the present and future cost of these?

Surprise, surprise pensioners are living longer! Thankfully there are many millions of us doing fine, and not awaiting care. I feel we are being abandoned by the Trust. Can you imagine the reaction of the population of Wakefield if they were told that they would have to go to Dewsbury for emergency A&E treatment?


Huddersfield Road