Abu Qatada saga must end

Regarding the farce about the attempted deportation of Abu Qatada, I have just been listening to the pearls of wisdom from Chris Bryant, the shadow minister for borders and immigration.

After being asked if he agreed with the Home Secretary, that if all else failed the possible withdrawal from the Human Rights treaty, he threw his hands up in horror and said we couldn’t even contemplate that scenario, as we were party to the origional setting up of the treaty after the second world war.

What he failed to say was that the origional treaty had nothing whatsoever to do with the current criminal/terrorist charter. Now we have liberal leaning judges who interpret the original intentions, to suit another agenda entirely.

Surely this saga as gone on long enough, we as a country have been made to look pathetic. Political point scoring should be put to one side for the overall good, and a cross party concensus should be immediately arrived at with the aim of kicking out this parasite using any means possible.


Oxford Road