Action needed on our road

A GROUP of us have been campaigning for a crossing on Norristhorpe Lane for a good number of years because of the number of smashes, reported or not, and walls, gates etc that have been hit.

A lot of elderly people won’t leave their homes for fear of being knocked down and we have children from at least five schools using the road at least twice daily. There is also the constant stream of traffic using the road illegally, over the 7.5 ton limit.

I attended a meeting at Norristhorpe School with Kirklees Highways officers and councillors, to be informed that the ban would not be implemented because the one officer able to stop the drivers had to come from Huddersfield. I am disgusted.

Recently there have been three incidents – a bollard and gate was hit and a car left the road by Belmont Grange and smashed straight through the steel fencing. I feel we are being let down by our councillors.


Norristhorpe Lane