Another nail in the NHS coffin

After attending the recent “Meeting The Challenge” evening at Dewsbury Town Hall, I think it’s time to face the facts that A&E, children’s services and the maternity unit, are largely being moved to Pinderfields.

Dewsbury and District Hospital is being downgraded.

The fight to preserve all the services at DDH is lost, unless the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust has a massive change of heart. That is very unlikely to happen.

Although the battle for DDH is over, there is still a war going on to save the NHS.

Dr Kelly and the members of the commitee who make up the “Clinical Commissioning Group” governing body, must not be allowed to give contracts to private medical providers.

They must not be allowed to undermine the NHS. They don’t seem to see that everyone who has a hearing test at Specsavers, instead of at DDH’s audio unit, puts another stitch in the NHS shroud.

Every contract given to a private company, hammers a nail into the NHS coffin. They can’t or won’t see this is happening, and indeed being made worse by their actions.

The argument that treatment will remain free at the point of delivery may well be true, but it’s only a matter of time. If things don’t change, and quickly,it will be the end of NHS as we have all come to know, depend and love it.


New North Road