Bare-faced cheek

Re the article in the Spenborough Guardian September 14, “Booze crackdown after fans streak”.

We are pleased to note that the Bradford Cricket League is taking disciplinary action against two males who were “streaking” at the Priestley Cup final on August 26, 2012, which was held at Spen Victoria Cricket Club.

On September 3, 2011, we complained to the Bradford Cricket League following an incident at Spen Victoria when a man was urinating and naked in front of club members, visitors and children.

We were assured by Bradford Cricket League that this person would be banned from entering Spen Victoria Cricket Club again.

However, we found out that in May this year he was a visiting player at Spen Victoria in another match.

We sincerely hope that the latest incident of “streaking” is taken with more conviction by Bradford Cricket League than the last incident.


Redfearn Avenue