Better site for library

From a report in the business pages of the national papers on Monday, the interesting thing about the announcement of the closure of the Heckmondwike delivery and sorting office is that it is part of an overall plan to develop and dispose of properties which are owned and operated by Royal Mail throughout the country, in preparation for privatisation.

Royal Mail are also trying to work up the value of the assets they no longer require for the operation of the Royal Mail service, so that they are worth more at the point of sale, and they are even developing the iconic Mount Pleasant site in London, with half its 12 acre area being given over to housing.

The report says that Royal MaiI have been working with the appropriate planning authorities over the disposal of some sites, so that they are more attractive to new owners. Kirklees??

Perhaps the Heckmondwike site would be a better place for the new Heckmondwike Library and Council offices, seeing that the work on the originally proposed site on George Street seems to have stalled.

Oldfield Lane would provide better access.

It is already where a council office has always been, and there would be better parking facilities, to say nothing of keeping some traffic out of the busy part of the town centre, the greatest failing of the original proposals in my opinion, with its complex one-way system.


Cornmill Lane