Brownfield claims are ‘galling’

As a Hartshead resident for 29 years, I wish to protect the land referred to incorrectly by Kirklees as ‘Cooper Bridge’ from industrial development.

There are many people in the local area, and further afield, who derive particular pleasure from walking the many footpaths of our ‘North Kirklees Park’.

It is galling to find that the Cleckheaton Ward Shot put through people’s letter boxes from the Lib Dems states with pride that they ‘have made sure that new business and new houses will be built on brownfield land’ and ‘are determined to protect this vital green land...for future generations’.

These same councillors have been determined, despite our efforts to dissuade them, to vote for the destruction of 103 acres of the most beautiful and historic land in North Kirklees. You can politely call this electioneering but I have another word for it. Those from Cleckheaton and surrounding areas who derive pleasure from walking on this land, may care to know what your councillors have done.


Hartshead Lane