Burlary was ‘mindless’

A MESSAGE to the burglars who broke into our house.

Next time you enter our property without permission, take a thought for the people upstairs asleep.

The hard working people who go to their jobs every day, to bring home a wage, to provide a roof over their families’ heads and nice treats for their children.

If you’d only have knocked and asked for the cash you were paid for selling our good on, I would have readily given it to you.

Instead I’m now spending all my time in contact with car insurers, home insurers, locksmiths, car hire, the police, CID, banks and stores to cancel all our cards.

This is before we even start to replace all our stolen property. When we eventually get paid from the insurers and buy another car, that will be nowhere near as nice as the one you mindlessly set fire to.

So Mr Burglar, instead of letting yourself in and turning our world upside down, next time just knock... you could have prevented all the tears, heartache and sleepless nights and we could still be going about our daily lives, like all the other hard working people.


Highmoor Lane