Campaign still rolls on

I HOPE everyone in the Spen Valley, especially councillors of all persuasions and heads of all local organisations, will rise up in a body to squash this latest attempt to destroy every scrap of green belt in Spen Valley and around.

Many years ago when I was much younger, I did everything I could to stop the destruction of green belt land in our area, wading through council plans and maps, filling in objection forms etc. It seemed then the obvious place to build was not here but in the Denby Dale area, with its railway links and masses of sparse, empty, uninhabited land near to Huddersfield – as is now suggested as an alternative.

I was getting quite heated on the subject, when a Huddersfield man said: “Eh lass, they’ll not want to get Denby Dale all built up – half the council lives down there!”

Does any of this still apply I wonder?


Ghyllroyd Drive