Can’t you let us vote in peace

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As voting days come and go, I am getting more and more irritated by political party activists regularly gathering at our polling-station and pestering voters.

It is always Labour members who are asking voters for their voting number. This time I had to squeeze past two of them in the doorway, one of whom was, in fact, the Labour candidate. This activity is no less than harassment of voters and I know some people think that it is part of voting procedure and willingly give their voter-number.

I want to know why they do it and what do they do with the list(s) of voter-numbers they have been given. Party activists should not be allowed inside a polling-station or near the entrance or its property and something should be done about it.

I wonder if Coun Steve Hall will now do something about the frequent congestion with parking at Cawley Lane junction which is only 70 yards from our polling station that he occupied on voting day?


Churchill Grove,