Can you help tackle the issue of fly-tipping?


On Maxwell Avenue in Batley, we have seen a rise in flytipping.

On a regular basis we see large items deposited in our alleyways and our area has places where rubbish is just tipped.

We need to find out who can help clear our areas as we want a safe and clean area for our children.

Among the items discarded have been empty chemical containers.

I have contacted Kirklees Council and our local MP but without any success.

Who can help?

Can the alleyways be gated off?

We really need help and the tippers’ waste is increasing day by day.

We want to attract families but our streets are neglected and full of potholes.

To fix it requires one small step and the local community would all be willing to help. Are you?

S Rawat, Maxwell Avenue, Batley

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