Chancellor has some questions to answer

The statement attributed to Councillor Light in last week’s edition blaming the last Labour Government for the present savage cuts to local public services, does, in my opinion, suggest

naivety. In the period around 2008 most advanced westerm governments failed to deal with a looming world recession. The Labour government was faced with the choice of letting the banks

go bust and generating a horrible scenario or borrowing money to keep them afloat and keep the ATMs working. This borrowing created a large share of the deficit mentioned by the Councillor.

Can the Councillor explain why after almost five years of his national government stagnant growth and falling living standards, particularly of the less well off, are only now being slightly alleviated?

Perhaps he would care to speculate on whether his national government’s borrowing now is equal to, or twice or three times more than the borrowing of the last Labour government? We are told “that we are all in this together “ so I would expect the councillor to try and persuade his national government to ensure that there is a fairer distribution nationally of local government cash.

While he is about it he could also try to retrieve the EEC support cash which should have come to Yorkshire but has been distributed to other regions.

Jack Leeson

Monk Ings