Cherry-picking our NHS

Last week I referred to the role the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) would be playing in the privatisation of the NHS and included a point about out-of-hours GP provisions.

A national newspaper this week published a survey which identified that 85% of patients are not satisfied with their arrangement and would like a change. CCG take note.

CCGs become operative on April Fool’s day and a national newspaper covered the story of GPs within CCGs and their involvement with private healthcare companies and drug producers. Surely these multiple involvements cast doubt on their ability to act impartially when transferring services from the NHS to private providers.

Then there is this Tory-led government’s imposition of £20bn cuts on the NHS at the same time as it is going through the biggest upheaval in its history and the boast that the cuts are in bureaucracy and not medical staff.

This seems to be widely disputed but what is not in dispute is the large bureaucratic organisation established as a National CCG.

This Leeds based organisation is to have over 5985 employees involving 4 Regional and 27 Area teams to provide the back-up business expertise that the local CCGs obviously lack.

Their main role will be to draw up the procurement contracts for the private healthcare providers many of which have GPs, MPs and Ministers as shareholders and will take over and operate NHS services for profit.

This can only lead to the cherry-picking of the most profitable parts of the NHS leaving the remainder in the NHS and the subject of future denigration for being inefficient! Just look at Royal Mail which has travelled the same path.

Protest about this privatisation of the NHS. I was going to write back-door but it is more up front than that.


Oxford Road