Clean up after dog mess

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I HAVE spent nearly three quarters of an hour cleaning dog muck off my 18-month old son’s boots, pram, trousers and my coat.

Some of you may laugh, but I understand that this activity is very common, not just for children but for adults as well. But why is it that I can’t let my son run around outside without holding my hand? I am sick of local imbeciles taking his freedom away, just through pure bone-idleness.

I would like to put this to the tramps of dog owners who think it’s okay to leave their dog muck on the ground. You know who you are. You will pick it up on the main road, but on Primrose Lane, where there is nobody watching, you will sail on past, head held high.

Shame on you! Thanks to people like you, my son was stuck indoors for the rest of the morning and afternoon while his boots and pram cover dried.

So the next time your dog squats and you think nobody will notice, think about the local kids who can’t play freely due to your laziness.

And to those of you sitting reading this and thinking “well what about all the horse muck on Primrose Lane?”, check the internet and check the difference between a horse’s faeces (a herbivore) and a dog’s faeces (a carnivore).


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