Clear up behind you

ALTHOUGH no longer in the first flush of youth, I cannot remember primroses in Primrose Lane.

Presumably long ago there must have been an abundance of the flowers.

But maybe it should now be given a more appropriate name, such as Dumpit Lane, as at regular intervals Kirklees Council has to clear up masses of household waste dumped under the Greenway bridge.

Over the past 12 months enough waste to fill a landfill site has been left there.

Unfortunately this is not restricted to the lane. Recently a group of teenagers set up camp one night on the adjoining football field.

The following day they left behind more devastation than a tsunami.

It took four council employees with a wagon to clear up the mess so pitch could be used for football the following week.

The same malady afflicts the adjacent former golf course.

At regular intervals young campers not only leave piles of rubbish, but also discard their tents. Baden Powell must turn in his grave.

At the nearby skateboard area behind Spenborough swimming pool, although three large waste bins are provided, the surrounding area and former football pitch are littered with more debris than the aftermath of a Glastonbury pop festival.

Maybe the youngsters believe the bins are only to be used when the surrounding areas are full.

While still in my Victor Meldrew mood, are bicycle bells no longer produced?

Anyone walking on the Spen Greenway can suddenly be blown to one side in the slipstream of certain cyclists trying to outspeed Bradley Wiggins.

How nobody has been admitted to Dewsbury and District Hospital’s A&E department to have a bicycle extracted from their rear is a minor miracle. Maybe if bells are no longer available, some young entrepreneur could design a rear view mirror, or early warning device for Greenway pedestrians. Now there’s an idea!