Closing rat runs was not a knee jerk reaction

As a resident of Pyenot Hall Lane, I smiled at your coverage of the reaction of “local residents and businesses” to their inconvenient loss of a dangerous cut through to miss the traffic lights on Bradford Road, Cleckheaton.

If you actually lived on the road, you would understand how disruptive, dangerous and noisy it is to have a constant stream of traffic (yes, it never stopped at night, either) driving too fast in the hope of saving a minute or so off their journey.

You would understand our concern when great big juggernauts follow their SatNavs and then find they’re stuck, unable to get in or out and trapping residents in the process. You would see how frustrated and downright angry many residents have become when yet again our cars have lost wings mirrors, been scratched and in very bad snow last year, smashed into and no-one left details or owned up to the damage.

Labour Party Member Dan Howard says the closure was a knee jerk reaction to concerns of a small number of residents. Wrong. We have been asking, writing to councillors, MPs and anyone else that we could think of, for over 10 years.

Not so much a knee jerk reaction as finally being proven right – that Pyenot Hall Lane and the streets off it are not suitable for the level and speed of traffic that were nipping through.

Worst of all is the fact that in their ire at losing a cut through many cars, but primarily taxis, started to use the back ginnel between Pyenot Hall Lane and Bradford Road to cut through. Several destroyed wheeled bins, two injuries to residents and one accident later, that has now also been blocked off.

Finally, a note about people not being able to get out of junctions or get into pub car parks etc. Please don’t blame the road closure. Blame the idiot drivers who block junctions, ignore “Keep Clear” notices and jump traffic lights.

In fact, probably most of the drivers that are whinging now that they can no longer damage and disrupt “a small number of residents” quality of life and our property. Anyway... the kids on motorbikes and mopeds still cut through. They just ride between the bollards and on the pavements now.


Pyenot Hall Lane