Coalition government has inflicted devastating cuts on councils

The present Conservative-led coalition has year on year inflicted devastating cuts on councils and disproportionately to northern councils and how the Conservative led coalition Councillors have the cheek to blame the Labour Councillors begger’s belief.

How do they propose to balance the books with millions cut from the budget by their bosses in London (who could not survive for week outside their London bubble). It is credit to Labour led Kirklees council that the massive cuts so far have been managed so well with little impact on individual residents.

The reality of the situation is that the present Tory-led coalition is inflicting the cuts and the Labour led Kirklees council is managing the situation to protect the most vulnerable.

We have a clear choice. Vote Conservative and be left with no public services in terms of libraries, leisure facilities, markets, free buses, road cleansing and a multitude of other services or vote Labour and protect the services you have paid for.

A prime example is the NHS which is been systematically sold off to the highest bidder. Services are being cherry picked by private companies which exist to make profits for their share holders. Other services are being re-organised for financial reasons as opposed to patient need and choice. All of this affects the most vulnerable the chronically ill and terminally ill. The welfare state was created by Labour and only Labour will protect it. Ed Miliband and Andy Burnham have promised to repeal the competition law that is putting NHS providers at a disadvantage in favour of private companies.

There is a groundswell of opposition to the way the NHS is being mis-managed. That is why there was a march for the NHS which will passed through Dewsbury last week from Jarrow to London, with a rally at Dewsbury and District Hospital before it went on to Pinderfields.

Let this Tory led coalition know that they cannot go unchecked and put the blame fairly and squarely where it belongs with them and their councillors at Kirklees for the desperate situation they have created.

Catherine Pinder

Muffit Lane