Congregations need to rise

Could I appeal to all your readers who once attended Holy Spirit Church in Heckmondwike.

The church is in great danger of being surplus to requirements if the congregation does not increase pretty quickly.

As someone who was baptised, made my First Confession and Holy Communion, was confirmed and married at the Holy Spirit, I would like to be burried from there as well.

If we don’t get the attendance numbers up, I might not be able to do this, so for purely selfish reasons, will some of you consider comming back to Sunday Mass?

You never know, you might enjoy it. As John Russell (Paul Newman) said in the film Hombre: “We all die, it’s just a question of when”.

You may only have to go to Mass for one week, or you might have to be a regular attender for many years to keep the church from closing its doors, but please give the idea some thought, if only to allow me a self indulgent wish!


New North Road