Consultation - what consultation?

I have attended several meetings with the Mid Yorkshire Hospital trust, and have yet to witness any consultations.

This has been a very expensive way of telling the general public what they are going to do.

There have been many monologues on how wonderful the services are going to be following the changes, yet there has been no voices from the public at the meetings in agreement with them.

I got the feeling that we were being talked down to as if we are stupid not to agree with them.

A large percentage of the people of north Kirklees do not know where Pinderfields or Pontefract hospitals are, or how they are supposed to get there. So much for the wonderful services available.

We, the public, are paying hundreds of millions just rent space at Pinderfields and Pontefract, this is because of the PFI (private finance initiative), a directive of the Blair, Brown administration.

The only hospital we own, Dewsbury, is having services cut. Why? This is because of gross mismanagement. And we are supposed to trust them?

The final meeting yesterday was at Ossett town hall, (the closest town to Pinderfields where there were likely to be fewer protests) was to announce – surprise, surprise – that the changes will go ahead.

When is our council in far off Huddersfield going to support the the people of north Kirklees?


Huddersfield Road