Cross over school patrol

I AM amazed at the arrogance shown by some of the Birkenshaw Academy parents in their grumble about the lack of a school crossing warden as outlined in the Guardian on Friday December 21.

I can understand the concern of any parent in wanting their children to be safe but I just wonder if any of the ones in Birkenshaw have considered their position. It is also somewhat ironic, but expected, that Coun Light would show his face over the parapet again to criticise KMC for their lack of recruitment of a warden for his pet project the once Birkenshaw free school and now Academy.

My recollection of the events leading up to the establishment of this Academy was that it did not figure in the KMC plans for education and the local parents complained bitterly about having to drive their children to school at Howden Clough. Whenever I drive through Birkenshaw there is usually chaos at school times because all of the parents who live in Birkenshaw and complained about driving to Howden Clough seem perfectly happy to drive the shorter distance and help to create the chaos in Birkenshaw about which they are now complaining.

Leslie Surman, former spokesperson for the Birkenshaw group, made a great show of telling we council tax payers within Kirklees that the free school would not cost us a penny as it was of course being funded by central government.

As I pointed out in a previous letter the only money that the government can spend is ours raised through general taxation. It seems now we are expected to pay for a school crossing patrol out of our council tax! Surely Coun Light and his cohorts within the Birkenshaw self-interest group can afford to recruit and fund their own crossing patrol. I am sure Michael Gove would be only too pleased to help.


Oxford Road