Crossing boundaries

That bad week for local democracy I mentioned before has become a fortnight, and will maybe extend into a month. Hard on the heels of the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, chucking his toys out of the pram over the Boundaries Commission report, Labour tried to kill it off in the House of Commons (HofC), last week. And now we have their Lib-Dem Lordships trying to do the same in the House of Lords. (HofL)

I have one very simple question for the Lib-Dem Peers. What the blazes has it got to do with you? Mystified? No reason to be. It’s quite simple.

Members of the HofL, Lib-Dems or others, DO NOT HAVE A VOTE AT GENERAL ELECTIONS. The GE is about voting for the HofC!

That part of Parliament that is both pre-eminent, and for us ordinary folk to vote for. Peers, and peeresses, don’t get a vote in the GE for the HofC, (well, they’re toffs aren’t they?), but they do get one in all local elections.

So, we are faced with the Lib-Dems, the party of fairness and equality, and I suppose, democracy, seeking to subvert the will of Parliament, because that’s what the Boundaries Commission Report is, by using totally unconstitutional votes to bring it down, at least for the next six years.

In other words, that paragon of fairness and equality, Nick Clegg, is prepared to foist on the public another Parliament which is unbalanced in its representation of both the political parties, and 42 million electors. It’s no surprise that Nick has spent a lot of time in Europe. Those are the sort of tricks they love over there. Remember Blair and Brown forcing through the HofC, changes to English education with the votes of Scottish Labour MPs who didn’t even have a say on Scottish education. Well, this is much worse!


Cornmill Lane