Demanding answers over bus delays

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I know the traffic was bad after another accident on the M62 on Friday but I am puzzled about a few things and I want an answer.

Why were there no buses to Cleckheaton (220 service) from Huddersfield? Especially so when the 202, 203, 229 buses and all of first buses were running. We were told that it was the area around Cooper Bridge that was blocked but the buses to Dewsbury and Heckmondwike were running and not the buses to Cleckheaton. A lot strange!

At the bus station in Huddersfield it said for about two hours that there was a bus coming. On the board it said the 220 would be in, anything from due to 50 mins and seemed as though it was jumping around any number between due and 50 mins. Eventually that fell of the board, and never arrived. The next 220 bus counted down and then did the same. There was no announcement for a good 110 minutes, and that was only to tell us of delays. When we asked at the Metro information, all that could be said was Arriva had told them that there was a delay. We then asked why it was only the 220 that was not getting through. They said one was on its way – it was not, it was another 202.

We were then told it had arrived; maybe it did, but they changed it to a 229 to Heckmondwike and it left empty as one had only just left. Another 202 and 203 made it through but I had had enough and I went for a train to Dewsbury.

I got down to the bus station and on the board it said there was a 268 to Bradford. No, it only was going to run to Heckmondwike. I asked why this was and was told it was due to the 268 not being able to go on the M62, which it has never ever done. Apparently it could not get on the motorway at Heckmondwike! That is why the bus was not going to go further than Heckmondwike.

Everybody knew about the hold ups, they would not have minded if it had taken two hours to get from Huddersfield to Cleckheaton. It took me three hours 45 minutes to get home.

There were people with young children, the elderly and somebody who needed to get to a doctor’s appointment who were stranded in Huddersfield.

In Dewsbury there were a number of others with needs that were treated, like me, with contempt. Funny in some ways because taxis and private cars were managing to get through from Huddersfield in about one Hour and taxis from Dewsbury in about 25 minutes. Yes I have talked to other people.

What we need from ‘pathetic’ Metro and ‘could not care less’ Arriva is a substantial improvement. It seemed as though the accident was used as an excuse not to run public transport in or out of Cleckheaton from 1pm until late in the evening. I want to know why?


Carlton Way