Divorce from Kirklees?

Through all the meetings with the Mid Yorkshire Trust I have seen only one or two councillors present and not heard much comment.

I would like to applaud Richmond council for blocking the South Tees NHS Trust’s plans to alter services at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton, and have them referred to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary for state for health, and wonder why the council, in far off Huddersfield cannot do the same for us.

I have also emailed local MPs of both parties and have received no or very negative responses. I am dismayed by the lack of interest.

The Trust has an obligation under the NHS charter to maintain and improve local and accessible services, this they are failing to do.

The council seems more intent on rushing through planning on a beautiful area green belt land in the Cooper Bridge, Roberttown. Hartshead triangle. This planning is being rushed through because regulations are due to change on developments like this in the future.

They should not have the right to destroy a wonderful area of natural beauty which should be left for future generations to enjoy, on a speculative whim.

No large concerns have, as yet, shown any interest in occupying the huge warehouses it is planned to build, and no consideration has been given to the impact on the already congested road network.

In a recent interview on television Eric Pickles, Secretary of state for communities, said under no circumstances should green belt land be used without the consent of local communities. This also applies to Lower Blacup Farm in Cleckheaton.

May I again point out that there are large numbers of industrial, commercial, and residential properties vacant all around the area, as well as countless brownfield sites crying out for development.

I struggle to think of one good thing that the council has done for the area. Please for once do the right thing and leave us alone.

One last word for the council, Cooper Bridge, and the proposed development triangle are NOT – repeat NOT – part of Huddersfield, and do NOT – repeat NOT – want adopting.

The sooner a divorce from Huddersfield can be facilitated the better.


Huddersfield Road