Do you believe NHS is in good health

Are you confused by the conflicting reports about the Health Service? Will the government’s drive for fewer hospitals and greater privatisation of health service delivery really be so good for us? How many private companies are involved in delivering health services anyway? Did you know that the English health service is now very different from that in Scotland and Wales? 
Do you believe Andy Burnham’s headline in the Independent that the NHS could be ‘carved open’ by healthcare profiteers? (It is true by the way.) Do you believe his remedy? Have you heard the rumour that the NHS is ‘unsustainable’? If you hear it again remember this.. a child buying a bar of chocolate is paying more UK tax than the company named after a huge river in South America! If any of these issues concern you and you would like to learn more and find out how you can help protect the NHS, the new branch of Keep Our NHS Public starting in Dewsbury, may be for you. Pop along and help shape what to do and how to do it: Tuesday 6th May 7.30pm, The Women’s Centre, 7 Wellington Street, Dewsbury WF13 1LY. Our parents and grandparents fought for the NHS and it has been denigrated enough! The NHS should be there for you and you are worth it.

Christine Hyde

Scarr End Lane