Does Labour have a plan B?

Suddenly, over the last few weeks the Labour Party can’t do anything right.

The media are reporting on its self destruction, and any number of the intelligentsia, including Labour ministers, both current and former, are pontificating over the reasons why.

Surely the main reason is blindingly obvious. Labour has no plan B.

Its sole strategy was to paint that the coalition has been out of touch with the majority, and on the side of the rich and the bankers. Thus Labour

could sit back and wait for the unpopularity of the cuts to take effect at the same time the economy was in dire straits, and reap the benefit without doing anything.

Unfortunately for Labour, this scenario hasn’t happened. The economy has suddenly taken an upward curve, and the public are beginning to feel more confident about their own prospects.

Consequently Labour appear to be left floundering with no answers or strategy to counter this revival.


Oxford Road