Dog owners must take more responsibility

There are some dog owners who are just not fit to keep them.

The front page of last week’s Spenborough Guardian showing a photograph of a sheep savaged by a dog let off its lead illustrates this fact perfectly.

The owners of dogs that attack livestock should remember they are liable to compensate the farmer.
They should also note that the owner of livestock is entitled to kill a dog that has been worrying livestock, if it is still on his or her premises and not under anyone’s control.

On the letters page of the Spenborough Guardian David Dyson says: “Police should act against dog attacker”. This incident on the Spen Valley Greenway interested me as I was recently bitten by a dog while delivering leaflets for our tenants and residents’ association on the Firthcliffe estate.

I informed Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing of the incident who, in turn, asked me to contact the police and get a crime number, which I did.

Under the Control of Dogs Order 1992, all dogs while on the highway or in public places, should wear a collar with their owner’s name and address attached to it.

The dog that bit me had none of this, nor was its owner with the dog.

Who’d be a postman or postwoman? I don’t envy them their job.


Firthcliffe Parade