Don’t start to re-write history

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Coun Hall cannot be allowed to rewrite history (Letterbox).

Dewsbury and District Hospital did not become part of Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust by government order. There was no forced marriage!

At a time when many other hospitals were amalgamating DDH was just not large enough to stand alone. Increasingly we could not attract doctors or other clinicians to staff services.

Something had to change and the arrangement with the Wakefield area was the best on offer. Only later was the residual debt carried by the health service there revealed but by then the Trust was up and running.

Now our task is to save DDH from the current reconfiguration plans which will close it in four years. The campaign has been live for two years and we would very much welcome Coun Hall’s support. It’s late in the day but welcome none the less.


MP For Batley and Spen