Don’t take it out on front line staff

Everyone knows that the health service is in financial difficulties, and as usual the lower you are down the chain the more you are made to suffer the consequences of the cuts.

So often you hear people blaming the front line staff, ashamedly I have at times done this myself – I’m afraid it’s human nature. Only when you use the service do you realise the commitment of the staff who incidentally, are not sure of their own future position anymore in the NHS with the threats of downgrading and moving services to God knows where, do you appreciate the value of these wonderful people.

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be the occasional bad apple and my answer to that would be to bring back the Hattie Jacques style matron to sort out the few.

My wife was recently admitted to ward 12 for a knee replacement. The care that she received was second to none and I take this opportunity to thank them all, especially the surgeon Mr Smith for an excellent job.

The cuts that really make me livid are the thought of children with heart trouble having to go to Liverpool or Newcastle for treatment. In the name of humanity spare a thought for their families and the devastating effect it will have on them. I hope Mr Eames and his cronies can sleep at night.

I really feel sorry that he has not had a pay rise on his half a million pay for a while.

Once again I would like to thank all Ward 12 at DDH. It’s staff like you that keep all what we expect of the health service alive.


Walkley Lane