Don’t target front line staff

What are the loyal, hard working, front line clerical staff worth to the Mid Yorks Hospitals NHS Trust?

It would seem from the trust’s own figures,less than 4p. This is what the trust will save per hundred pounds of spending by down-banding the already low paid workers.

A paltry saving of 0.04 per cent. Surely, Jules Preston (chairman), Stephen Eames (chief executive) Robert Chadwick (finance director) and the other well paid board members can find a 4p saving from a spending of £100 from somewhere other than the front line staff.

It must be like a smack in the face to this section of workers to see how little they are valued.

I hope some fair minded, forward thinking board member will see it makes sense to drop the idea of cutting the wages of the clerical staff, and bring preasure on the board to cut somewhere else.


New North Road