Doomed Remploy helps our firm

WORKING with Remploy in Leeds has enabled us to launch a new, Europe-wide initiative to help our customers to reduce the packaging waste that they generate, and the cost of disposing of that waste.

Remploy is providing us with a service that we don’t have the capacity to carry out efficiently by ourselves, which has enabled the success of the whole project, delivering savings of more than £35,000 to date.

The level of service provided has been consistently high and Remploy is willing to work with us to respond to customers’ feedback.

Remploy has added quality checking and sorting of products to its initial role in our supply chain, filtering out those packaging items that are not suitable for re-use, making it simpler and more efficient for us to book them into stock.

Our aim is to develop projects that deliver shared value to our customers, our business and the local community, Remploy has proved to be the perfect partner for us to work with to provide opportunities in the local community that benefits individuals with complex barriers to work and delivers a high standard of results.


Company Secretary and General Counsel