Downgrade shameful

The news about downgrading Dewsbury and Distric tHospital is not unexpected but none-the-less shameful. I would like to know what we all pay our taxes for when our hospital, serving a densely populated area with many pensioners and vulnerable people is cynically turned into a glorified casualty clearing statin.

I have attended Pinderfields and was not impressed. Signposting to it is inadequate as is the bus service and the approach is pretty shabby for a hub hospital.Inside I was misdirected and spent an hour and half sitting in the wrong department. The hospital of course was built under a PFI contract so we and our descendants will be paying through the nose for that fo r years. Talk about adding injury to insult.

The hospital appears to be badly designed with a vast amount of wasted space occupied by the atrium. Saving money is one thing but these are absolutely basic services. It is up to our councillors now to fight this tooth and nail.


Elm Road