Elected members still bickering

Still bickering in the corridors of power in far of Huddersfield – “Council leader slams ‘duplicitous’ critics” – article in last week’s Guardian. Coun Mehboob Khan is apparently surprised that after placing himself on a pedestal, and blowing his own trumpet, he now finds himself wide open to criticism.

After five years as council leader he has done nothing for North Kirklees, Pioneer House was bought on compulsory purchase for a nominal sum, and its conversion into flats to preserve a beautiful listed building is the council’s duty.

The plans for transport and the rebuilding of Whitcliffe Mount school, with the loss of the sports centre, (what about the Olympic legacy?) are still just plans, and we all know how plans can change.

Not exactly great achievements to trumpet about!

On the subject of schools, Redrow builders’ successful appeal on their plans to build houses on Lower Blacup Farm, on condition they spend £130,996 on another school, seems rather strange.

Coun Kath Pinnock said something recently about having difficulty contacting Eric Pickles, the communities secretary. His government email address can be found on the internet quite easily. I have been in touch and received replies.

I remember a statement he made on a BBC politics programme saying that greenbelt land should not be used to build on without the agreement of local people.

This sentiment, coupled with the robust objections both by mail and well attended meetings, brought about the spectacular crash and burn of Coun Khan’s LDF plans to destroy the Kirklees estate.

Something for future council leaders to think about. As for Coun Khan staying on the council while taking up a new post in London, this may bring about a conflict of interests.


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