Electronic cigarettes - are they safe?

I attended a public transport meeting in Huddersfield recently and a question was put to a representative of Metro from a member of the committee.

“Does Metro support the use of electronic cigarettes on bus and train services?”

The response was that the bus and train companies need to take a united approach. They should be all for it, or all against it.

Opinion is also divided in our local public houses. Some allow them to be smoked inside their premises, some insist they are inhaled outside the pub.

It should be stressed that it is not illegal to smoke them in public places.

There are an estimated 1.3million people in this country who inhale e-cigarettes and from 2016 they will be classed as a medicine, but are they safe?

Some countries have banned e-cigarettes, they argue that they may not be as dangerous as burning tobacco, but there is still a risk of cancer from them.

Smokers say they are a useful way in helping them to cut down on smoking and that the vapour they emit is no danger to the non-smoker.

I am a non-smoker and don’t have strong views on it either way, but I would like to know what Spenborough Guardian readers think.


Firthcliffe Parade