Fair play needed over pitches

In my capacity of Secretary of the Heavy Woollen Sunday League, I, along with my management committee work tirelessly to provide football for 45 teams in the Heavy Woollen area every Sunday.

Those teams using Kirklees pitches pay a huge amount of money for the privilege and surely deserve a far better quality of service than they currently receive.

Our season started on Sunday. Kirklees Leisure services have known that for several months. However, all six pitches at Sands Lane, Dewsbury, were not available as Kirklees were still dealing with flooding problems from over two months ago. We are advised they will be out of commission until mid October.

Two pitches were unusable at Carters Fields in Batley after Kirklees condemned the ancient changing rooms at the end of last season. Problem is although they have taken money for this season off teams playing there, they have no budget for replacements. Therefore teams decided to find alternative changing facilities only to discover no goalposts were available for the pitches, as they had been ordered too late and would not arrive for another five weeks.

Several other pitches across the area had uncut grass and were not marked out for football.

This is another example of the council treating Heavy Woollen residents with contempt. Enquiries I have made would suggest no problems of this nature have been encountered in the Huddersfield leagues.

Our teams pay for the use of council facilities and these should be provided or recompense made to those affected.


Secretary Heavy Woollen Sunday League