Find a way to keep area committees

I have been in the political wilderness for the last three years, living in Huddersfield.

But after reading the Batley News, my blood boiled to read that area committees could come to an end.

The area committees are a focal point for local people to express their feelings about issues/concerns within the local community and hold ward councillors to account.

I have seen some councillors really worried and get hot under the collar at some of the area committee meetings.

After all, by doing away with area committees, you are doing away with democracy within the local communities of Batley, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Mirfield and Huddersfield.

I accept that central government is forcing cuts in services, but ways must be found to keep the area committees running, to enable local people to have there say, and support local groups to provide services which the council can no longer provide due to central government cuts.

The area committees helped local groups to provide, lunch clubs, equipment to play groups, scout groups, schools, homeless people the list goes on and on.

The council needs to find ways of keeping the area committees running.


Scale Hill