First class service from our police

It’s rare that we hear of the good actions by our local police, but I would like to publicly pass on my gratitude to the six officers I had dealings with this week.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances I do not have their names, but if they read this I would hope they would know who they are.

On Monday morning I arrived at work as usual but one of our employees had not arrived, which was most unusual since he was habitually the first to arrive, and totally reliable.

Subsequently a colleague and I went to his home in Heckmondwike, to find circumstances that suggested all was not well, so we called for assistance.

Without going into the full circumstances, the officers entered his home and found him seriously unwell.

While the officers involved probably think they were just ‘doing their job’, their caring attitude and devotion to duty was 100 per cent first class. From the officer who helped (indeed carried) our colleague downstairs, through the officers who replaced the initial response guy, down to the two female officers who attended on foot from Heckmondwike station, we couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Nothing was too much, and that bit of extra time trying to find contact details for relatives was not too much either, even though I am sure there were other things more pressing.

Those officers are a credit to the force, and should be thanked publicly for their assistance.


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