Fitting resting place for King Richard

As a Southerner with a passion for English history, who has made his family home here in Yorkshire for over 50 years, I agree with Sarah Hall.

We must finally accord Richard III the honour he deserves, a proper ritualised burial for a former King of England? In Yorkshire!

Like many people I didn’t know Leicester had a cathedral. The only connection Leicester has with Richard III is his destruction, and his subsequent clandestine burial! That is surely not a good enough reason for now using his remains as a tourist attraction to boost a city in which the majority population is no longer English.

Richard was Duke of York, as was his father before him. If Richard cannot be interred at Westminster, which is his due, then York is the logical place.

But there is a Yorkshire alternative. He could be interred at Wakefield Cathedral. The Yorks, father and sons, fought a successful battle at Sandal Magna, against Henry VI, which also had connections with the accession to the Crown of England. But, logic, history, and commonsense,says it MUST be YORK.

Shakespeare’s play about Richard III was very much Tudor propaganda. As ever, Will always knew on which side his bread was buttered.

If anybody had a reason to get rid of the two Princes it was Henry VII, and the Woodville clan. It was surely in Richard’s interest to keep them alive as the illegitamacy problem surrounding them underlined his right to the throne above all others.

All else is pure fantasy.


Cornmill Lane