Five year plan is better option

KIRKLEES Council’s 18-year development plan will do nothing to protect local green fields, and it actively discourages regeneration of brown field sites. And for that reason it should be opposed! Kirklees’ Local Development Framework (LDF) will decide what land can be used for housing, industry etc over the next 18 years.

Cynically launched over Christmas, Kirklees has now extended the deadline for responses to February 13. However the plan is based on outdated information and does not do enough to protect green belt and green fields.

None of the options prevents development on green field or green belt land – this means developers will line up to develop this land, for obvious reasons and before considering brownfield land.

Developers should not be given that option! We have brownfield land that desperately needs regenerating and only by removing all green field and green belt will we ensure that brownfield land is regenerated first.

If we have a five year plan we can monitor the regeneration of brown field land and review it – this would be impossible with an 18 year plan.

To protect green belt and green fields councillors should reject this plan and local people need to urge them to do so.

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