Future of our hospital

LAST week you published a report of the meeting regarding the Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust.

My wife and I attended that meeting. My first comment is that it was a pity that only a very small number of members of the public attended. The majority of people there appeared to be those employed in the NHS or councils, and as an aside that gave an indication of how much has to be spent before we start to employ a doctor or a nurse.

The presentation was clearly made and the meeting run in a very professional way. We were left with a much better understanding about what is being proposed, and hopefully that information will be available to everybody during the following 12 week consultation period.

Emphasis was placed on the intention of providing a better and more modern clinical service and not on saving money. However the money saving plans were very obvious in the proposals. And that is the big point of issue.

I suppose we have to accept the clinical experts’ advice on how they can assemble and use the medical expertise for our best outcomes. The extra travelling by patients and visitors could be a problem and an extra personal cost, but it will have to be judged against clinical service.

The fact which is difficult to accept is the intention to have 200 less beds across the three hospitals, and to cover this situation by reducing the time spent in hospital and relying on more care in the community to look after us at home. We all know that care in the community is provided by the local authority and that they are short of funds. We hear stories of those already relying on such care being allowed less and less time by their hard pushed carers.

It appears the plan is to push care away from the natural provider to a piecemeal provider who cannot afford to provide it.

I urge everybody to look at the consultation facts and make their opinions known.


Buttershaw Lane