Get rid of Gomersal’s eyesore sites

Mark Whitehead, owner of Castlerock Capital in London and owner of the Maccess building on Spen Lane believes that more should have been done by Kirklees Council to secure Maccess (Guardian, January 17).

How does he dare to expect that council money of the people of Kirklees should be used for securing his dilapidated pile of rubbish which made that area of Gomersal look an eyesore.

More than a year ago I was, as branch leader of Gomersal Mothers’ Union and as someone who cares for the environment, in touch with Mark Whitehead to ask him what he was going to do with the building.

It was becoming a health hazard and a magnet for undesirables. We have had contact with him directly, just as with the owners of 251 and 253 Spen lane, in an effort for Spen Lane to be made look respectable again.

Paul Wood, Enforcement Officer at the Planning Department of Kirklees Council, wrote this to me with his own words

“We have served a notice requiring Maccess to be demolished as we considered such a large building in such bad condition merited such action. The notice takes effect, subject to appeal, on 7th February requiring its demolition within 8 weeks of it taking effect.

“Although 251 and 253 Spen Lane aren’t in tip top condition, they are no different to a lot of the shop fronts in Dewsbury town centre. Due to the limited resources available and the importance of regenerating Dewsbury town centre, the shop fronts on Spen Lane are unlikely to receive any attention from the council until Dewsbury town centre is on the way to recovery and the council’s budget improves significantly.”

It doesn’t look as if Kirklees is going to spend any money on Gomersal in the near future. Therefore, on behalf of Gomersal Mothers’ Union, I would like to urge the owners of 251 and 253 Spen Lane to tidy up these premises and make a start with that very soon, before they are going to be named and shamed.


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