Give credit, but where it’s due

I was interested to read that Coun Kath Pinnock is claiming that the Lib Dems are the driving force behind the move to develop the Spenborough pool site.

Is this the same Lib Dems that said the pool would close despite the Labour-led council guarantees to maintain the site.

Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre is to close and the chairman of Governors at Whitcliffe Mount school approved the closure plans. If you take into account that Kath Pinnock is one of the governors then maybe this explains her newfound interest in Spenborough pool.

Coun Pinnock appears to be very good at grabbing headlines.

Labour Batley and Spen Councillors have been working for years and continue to do so to preserve and expand the facilities at Spenborough Pool. The fact that the pool is open and continues to thrive and now could even be further developed is testimony to their hard work.

I don’t mind giving people credit for what they have done but they have to actually do something first!


Muffit Lane