Give us a sporting chance when Whitcliffe closes

Following the announcement of the closure by Kirklees Council of Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre in 2016 a group of regular users are collecting names to a petition.

The basis of the objection is that the Council have not indicated any intention to provide any similar facility in the same area. The Centre is attached to Whitcliffe Mount School and we understand that expansion plans for the school will result in closure of the sports centre.

We wish to point out to the council that Kirklees Active Leisure efficiently provides many activities seven days a week at the Whitcliffe Mount Centre for a wide age range of users, including partially-sighted and wheel-chair sessions.

On weekdays the bowling lanes are rarely out of use between 8.30am and 10.30pm; all ages again.

The centre also provides a vital social function for many participants while also contributing to the government’s policy of encouraging the

increasing retired section of the population to remain active and healthy.

We are also aware that Huddersfield Sports Centre, which may be held to be a reasonable alternative for Whitcliffe Mount users, could possibly be unavailable about the same time (2016) when plans for their new sports centre comes to fruition.

Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre draws users from a wide area, some travelling eight miles or more from outside the Spenborough area such is

the lack of suitable alternatives. The petition already shows post codes from Huddersfield, Calderdale, Bradford and Leeds along with those from Kirklees.

To deprive such a large number of people,who do pay, of the chance to participate in healthy activities goes against the majority view of the

general public.

Please Kirklees Council think again about alternative provision before the inevitable closure.


Gregory Springs Mount