Government ‘wants NHS privatisation’

Since I wrote a fortnight ago explaining the true nature of the rules, called Statutory Instrument 257, of section 75 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, they have been withdrawn.

This is because there were 100 doctors, signing a letter to the Telegraph, outlining their dismay, leading members of the medical profession explaining how the rules would create fragmentation of the established health service pathways of care. Also, there were 2,000 representations to the House of Lords, asking them to look again at these rules, and promote a fresh debate, and members of the public writing to their MPs to express horror at being misled.

What seemed important to me, was the fact that lawyers, commissioned by 38degrees and paid for by over 3,000 members of the public, chipping in, had trawled through these rules and compared them with statements made by Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt.

Their findings were, that there was an evident mismatch. The lawyers had proved that, in a court of law, the ministers could be put into the category of ‘unreliable witnesses.’ Well, well, hows about that then.

So we have a rewrite. But make no mistake about it, the Government wants privatisation. Michael Portillo has said in 2011, the Conservatives thought they would not get into power, if people had known what their plans were, (for the NHS). Virgin (Pinderfields Dermatology provision) shareholders alone, have contributed over £2m to the Conservative Party coffers, and a hundred thousand or so, to the Liberal Democrats.

Circle, the firm that runs Hinchingbrooke, (now bought out by a company registered in the Virgin Islands, I believe,) paid a minister a salary, to be an ‘advisor’. It is likely that over 200 Lords and MPs have shares in, or shares in companies with shares in, these vast, often multinational, companies, now dealing in health provision.

Their relationship has been established over a long time and it is possible that the company bosses will be riding the politicians, as if they were donkeys.

The BBC often produces spokespeople from this official sounding ‘commission’, or that ‘think tank’ to talk about health and education, without mentioning that these are private organisations funded by businessmen, to peddle right wing propaganda.

Jeremy Hunt seems more than happy to ‘talk down’ provision in the NHS now that the secretary of state is relieved of his role in providing it. Why? In the US, cases like Stafford Hospital are so common, they are not newsworthy, according to the increasing number of letters, posts and articles coming over from people living there.

David Kelly, chair person of the North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Board made a fundamental mistake, when talking to people at the Board Meeting open to the public. He said “The NHS is still the same!” It most emphatically, is not.

If Lord David Owen has had to put a Bill before the Lords, calling for the re instatement of the NHS and a new political party has had to be formed, to fight the changes, called the National Health Action Party, it is NOT. Is David Kelly also wearing blinkers? He revealed that rules or changed rules, we are now in what is known as, the ‘West Yorkshire Health Economy.’ Well, well, hows about that then!


Scarr End Lane