Great man deserves accolades

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I WAS very proud and very moved as I stood outside Bagshaw Museum where a tree was planted and plaque revealed in honour of Batley-born Sir Robert Edwards, who pioneered IVF treatment which led to four million children being born to otherwise childless couples across the globe.

His daughter Dr Jenny Joy made a wonderful speech and we learnt things about her father that many of us in attendance didn’t know. But then he isn’t a self-publicist.

He came from a working class family in Batley, he has five daughters and describes himself as a ‘very left wing socialist’.

In 2007 he was ranked 26th in a list of 100 greatest living geniuses yet when I read Bernard Ingham’s book on Yorkshire’s 50 greats he doesn’t rate a mention.

There are some poeple who receive knighthoods, Nobel prizes and are called geniuses, who don’t deserve the titles, but Sir Robert Edwards deserves all three accolades.

Many thanks to the Batley History Group for bringing this great man to our attention.


Firthcliffe Parade