Has the precedent been set for planning decisions?

The following of a copy of a letter from the Cleckheaton ward councillors to Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, for the imminent planning appeal decision to be reviewed by his department.

The request is made on the grounds that the decision will set a precedent for the development of other POL sites in the Kirklees district.

Request to Call In Planning Inspector’s Appeal Decision

I know that, thanks to the intervention of two local MPs Simon Reevell and Jason McCartney, you are aware of the planning controversies surrounding the applications in Kirklees for Provisional Open Land to be developed for housing.

I am sure you are also aware that the Planning Inspector advised Kirklees Council to withdraw its Core Draft LDF Strategy for two main reasons: the inadequate land allocation for housing and the failure of the duty to cooperate.

As a consequence, with the withdrawal by the council of the LDF Core Strategy and the abolition of the RSS, the only plan that the council can rely on is the UDP which is now 15 years old.

Consequently, it is not now possible for the council to identify a five year housing supply. Obviously, developers seize their opportunity to develop green field sites which are the POL sites.

The first POL site to be challenged is that of Lower Blacup – planning appeal number 2201353.

The planning appeal was heard on October 29 2013 and the decision is imminent.

I attended the appeal and it is clear to everyone who was there that the Inspector is very likely to allow the appeal. If this is the case then the precedent has been set for all the other sites to which your attention has been drawn by the local MPs.

I would therefore request that the Planning Inspector’s potential decision be called in so that you have an opportunity to review the outcome given the significant consequences for green field sites across Kirklees if the appeal is allowed.


LibDem councillors

Cleckheaton ward.