Have a public meeting, when the public can attend!

I would like to reply to Dr Kelly’s hypocritical letter with regard to the North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) ‘talking to the public’.

Dr Kelly is chairman of the group which represents local GPs who will have a large say in how the future of Dewsbury District Hospital is shaped.

Dr Kelly likes us to believe that GPs are in favour of the proposed option. If indeed this is the case, why did a high proportion of GP surgeries welcome the petition to try to stop Dewsbury A&E being downgraded and allowed patients to sign them and back the petition in the their practice.

Dr Kelly says that he wants to maintain ‘high quality, safe care for our patients and keep services at Dewsbury and District hospital’, downgrading A&E is not, in my opinion, maintain high quality care.

In my opinion and that of other letter writers the transfer times of patients seriously ill or injured from Dewsbury to Pinderfields could result in someone dying en route. My own daughter who was in Dewsbury one year ago would have died had she not had the faciltiy of consultant led A&E and the associated intensive care unit.

If someone does die en route as a consequence of the downgrading of A&E would that make the CCG guilty of manslaughter by neglect? They have said in a public letter that they would only recommend high quality SAFE CARE!

Dr Kelly’s bold statement that the Governing body will hold all their meetings in public is something of a smokescreen in that the first meeting that he publicises starts at 9am thereby excluding the majority of the public who will be at work at this time.

What are you afraid of Dr Kelly? Hearing the public’s true opinion of the changes? Have a PUBLIC meeting when the majority of the public can attend and then you will find out their true feelings about these changes!


Save Our Local Hospital member.

Harefield Drive