Homelessness is a priority

THERE are many important issues affecting the readers of the Spenborough Guardian that Alan Carcas could be writing about, such as job losses, cuts in benefits, reduction in the police and army numbers.

Then there’s the double dip recession created by this government, the greedy bankers and revelations that at least £13 trillion is hidden away in tax havens by the super rich.

He could concern himself about price increases, telephone hacking, fuel poverty, swelling class sizes and pensions.

But no, his priority is telling us that we don’t need new homes in the Spen Valley.

There are around 200,000 households on the council house waiting list in Yorkshire, roughly 15,000 in Kirklees.

First time buyers are finding it increasingly difficult to get on the housing ladder. Between 2009-11 only 8,210 new homes were built in Yorkshire.

The need for housing is there, the bricks are there and unemployed building workers are ready and available to build them.

But this government is not interested in human need. The Conservative Party is bank-rolled by bankers and other wealthy business people. Every decision they make is in the interest of those people.

It is time Prime Minister David Cameron and his part-time chancellor George Osborne were brought to account, by serving the public interest and not their own self-interest.


Firthcliffe Parade