Horses for courses on Greenway

In response to the letter written by Keith Brown in the Spenborough Guardian I would like to point out that as both a responsible horse and dog owner, horse mess unfortunately is very difficult to pick up with a bag and take home whilst out on a hack.

Riders are finding it increasingly difficult to find safe places to take their horses.

We are complained about when we use public roads and also I have had numerous dog owners shouting abuse at my friend and I for getting in the way when “trotting” not cantering or galloping around the designated bridal paths at Oakwell Hall.

I always pick my dog’s mess up as it is very foul to stand in and makes a big mess, but as for horse manure I suggest Mr Brown looks where he is going as the piles are big enough to see, or takes it home and uses it on his garden as free compost.

Will people be next complaining about oil dripping from bicycle chains that also use the Greenway?


Latham Lane